Introduction (Part 4) – What Constitutes A “Sound And Valid Argument”?

AN ARGUMENT A “SOUND” ARGUMENT: HOW DO WE KNOW A PREMISE IS TRUE? A “sound” argument is one in which each premise is true. A “VALID” ARGUMENT: DOES THE CONCLUSION LOGICALLY FOLLOW? A “valid” argument is one in which the conclusion logically follows from the premises. “SOUND” AND “VALID” A DEDUCTIVE ARGUMENT Soundness: Is the above premise 1 true in … Read More

Introduction (Part 2) – Who Argues About The Existence of God And What Are Their Views?

SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION: THEISTS WHO BELIEVED IN LAWS OF NATURE In the1600s and 1700s, the “scientific revolution,” resulted in an explosion of discoveries as compared to the rest of history. An age of scientific discovery has continued since the time of Kepler, Galileo and Newton. Prior to the mid-twentieth century, science was largely indebted to theories and methods that were developed … Read More

Introduction (Part 1): Have I Seen All The Evidence?

WELCOME “You know, there isn’t much more that can be said about the subject of God’s existence. I’ve heard every argument on both sides of this issue. People who believe in God just don’t have any evidence to back up their belief. Atheists have them on the defensive because they’re on the side of science, while theists depend on scripture … Read More