Suffering (Part 3) – The IMPROBABILITY Argument: “It’s Highly Improbable That God And Suffering Can Coexist”

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE IMPOSSIBILITY ARGUMENT? In our last blog, we explored the “impossibility argument,” or what philosophers call “the logical problem of evil” and concluded it was false. It’s entirely possible for for an all-powerful and all-loving God to coexist with suffering. This has caused most atheists to fall back to the improbability argument: “It is highly improbable that … Read More

Suffering (Part 2) – The IMPOSSIBILITY Argument: “It’s Impossible For God And Suffering To Coexist”

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE THE IMPOSSIBILITY ARGUMENT? Philosophers call this the “logical problem of evil,” but we will simply call it the “impossibility argument.” “How impossible is it for God and suffering to coexist?” you might ask. Atheists who believe this argument would say, “It will happen when pigs fly.” If we examine both statements, there is no apparent contradiction … Read More

Suffering (Part 1): The Emotional Problem of Suffering

ATHEIST PHILOSOPHER DAVID HUME “CAN ANYONE POSSIBLY KNOW THE DEPTH OF SORROW THAT I FEEL?” A little boy weeps bitterly in heaving sobs at the bedside of his mother who has just passed away. How do we console him? A talented young person is stricken by a terrible accident, suffers and finally dies. What comfort can we possibly provide to … Read More