General Revelation (Part 2): What Happens To Those Who Have Never Heard The Gospel?

REVELATION General Revelation: In our last blog, we said that general revelation is the dual witness of nature and conscience that helps us understand there is a personal creator God (rather than a pantheistic God) who has embedded a moral sense in every person. Through general revelation, we obtain a general understanding about a personal, infinite God, we obtain a … Read More

General Revelation (Part 1): How Is It Possible To Know Anything At All About God?

INTRODUCTION In presenting these arguments, Christians bore the burden of proof or evidence. FIVE OBJECTIONS ANSWERED GOD’S APPARENT “HIDDENNESS” In our blog on God’s “hiddenness,” we discussed atheism’s assertion that, if there were a God, he would make his existence more obvious to us, perhaps by printing “made by God” on every molecule in the universe or by putting a … Read More