Ontology (Part 3) – The Ontological Argument: Is There Additional Confirming Evidence For The Concept Of A Maximally Great Being? (for those interested in philosophy/theology)

TERMS • “Maximal greatness” exists in any being who possesses these properties in EVERY possible world. “Maximal greatness” is the same as saying “greatest conceivable being.” • “Possible Worlds” refers to various descriptions of reality that could conceivably or potentially exist. Each description is comprised of a set of propositions. Propositions must be true and must not conflict with one … Read More

Ontology (Part 2) – The Ontological Argument: Is It Possible That A “Maximally Great Being” Actually Does Exist? (for those interested in philosophy/theology)

ONTOLOGICAL CONCEPTS THE ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT FOR GOD’S EXISTENCE Now that we understand the concepts of a “possible world” and a “maximally great being,” let’s examine the ontological argument: PREMISE 1 OF THE ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT It is an interesting fact that premises 2 through 5 are not very controversial, but premise 1 is where the controversy resides. If you can make … Read More