Moral Argument (Part 5): Does Attributing Morality To A “Struggle For Survival” Mean Those Moral Values Are Not Objectively True?


“Socio-biological evolution” is not a different perspective on morality because it’s actually an extension of naturalism. Rather, it’s a tool that atheists frequently use to argue against premise 2 of the moral argument for God, which says, “Objective moral values and duties exist.”

“Socio-biological evolutionists” argue that:
“Moral values and duties of any human culture arise from a struggle for survival rather than a search for truth. Since they actually arise from a struggle to survive, humans’ morality is not objectively true.”

Even though most atheistic philosophers agree with Christians about premise 2 of the moral argument, socio-biologists adamantly argue against premise 2.


First, this is a common error in logic known as the “genetic fallacy.” It rests on the mistaken notion that “if we can identify the origin of an idea, it invalidates the idea.”

In this case, socio-biologists tell us that “a culture’s values arise from a struggle for survival and therefore the values could not be objectively true.” But exposing the origins of an idea doesn’t undermine its objective truth in any way.

Second, socio-biological evolution automatically assumes that atheism is true as part of its rationale, which is “question begging,” another kind of fallacious thinking. They make an automatic assumption that “atheism is true” without providing a rationale.

Third, the socio-biological argument is self-defeating (refutes itself). If we really do believe that all of our beliefs, even moral values, are merely a result of our fight for survival, then even this theory itself must be attributed to merely socio-biological evolution. The theory that our values arise from a struggle to survive cannot be objectively true either.

Therefore, it appears that premise 2 of the moral argument is more likely to be true than not: “Objective moral values and duties exist.”

1. If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist.
2. Objective moral values and duties exist.
Conclusion: Therefore, God exists.

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