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The Existence of God

The Moral Argument

A Beginning & The Kalam (“kuh-LAHM”)Argument

The Fine-tuning Argument

Leibniz’s Contingency Argument (philosophy)

The Ontological Argument (philosophy)

Summary Of The Five Arguments

Properly Basic Belief

Things That Don’t Make Sense

If God, Why Is There Suffering?

God’s “Origin”

God’s “Hiddenness”

Jesus’ Claim To Exclusivity

The Problem of Miracles

How To Avoid Having To Present Evidence For Atheism

How Can We Know About God?

General Revelation: Nature and Conscience

Special Revelation: Jesus’ Resurrection

Special Revelation: The Bible

The Search For Meaning

1. Why does it matter if God exists?
2. What are the elements of a sound worldview?
3. What does theism have to offer that atheism and pantheism are missing?
4. What are the differences between the three major monotheistic religions?
5. How can Christianity provide greater meaning for my life?