Beginning (Part 4) – Is Entropy Further Evidence Of A Beginning?

THE LAW OF ENTROPY (also called the Second Law of Thermodynamics) The law of entropy tells us that energy in the entire universe follows a pattern called “entropy,” in other words, gradually losing energy, dissipation, breaking down, falling apart or disorder. The intact egg on the left side represents a state of order (low entropy), the cracked eggs in the … Read More

Beginning (Part 3): Atheists’ Attempts To Avoid A Beginning And A Ghostly Whisper From The Moment Of Creation

ATHEISM’S REACTION TO THE STANDARD MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE In our first blog on a “beginning,” we said that for centuries theists have claimed the universe had a beginning, and atheists claimed it was past eternal. It seems that issue was settled in the 1920s when scientists used Einstein’s theory of general relativity and Hubble’s discovery of an expanding universe … Read More

Moral Argument (Part 5): Does Attributing Morality To A “Struggle For Survival” Mean Those Moral Values Are Not Objectively True?

SOCIO-BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION “Socio-biological evolution” is not a different perspective on morality because it’s actually an extension of naturalism. Rather, it’s a tool that atheists frequently use to argue against premise 2 of the moral argument for God, which says, “Objective moral values and duties exist.” Even though most atheistic philosophers agree with Christians about premise 2 of the moral argument, … Read More

Moral Argument (Part 4): Is Morality Subjective, Varying By Culture And Individual?

MORAL RELATIVISM According to surveys, most college students believe this. This view runs directly counter to premise 2 of the moral argument which says, “Objective moral values and duties exist.” OUR RESPONSE TO MORAL RELATIVISM First, the deepest thinkers on this matter of moral values are philosophers, and according to surveys an overwhelming majority of philosophers agree with Christians on … Read More

Moral Argument (Part 2): Do Morals Actually Exist, Or Are They An Illusion?

NATURALISM “Naturalism,” the most popular type of atheism, says: “Moral values and duties don’t exist. They’re an illusion because science can’t observe them. They’re something we make up so that we don’t kill each other and cultures can survive. But humans’ morals are no better than the morality of any other species.” According to surveys, many scientists are naturalists. This … Read More

Moral Argument (Part 1): What Does Atheism Say About Morality?

A CONSCIENCE OR MORAL SENSE Where did our conscience come from? Why do we all think some things are right and some are wrong? Every day, perhaps several times a day, we make decisions about right and wrong. Where did that moral sense come from? With that in mind, let’s take a look at the moral argument for the existence … Read More

Beginning (Part 2): A Universe “Out Of Nothing”?

WHAT IS “NOTHING”? Okay, we need to wrap our heads around a concept that can be difficult to understand. The word “universe” refers to four things: space, time, matter and energy. The Standard Model of the Universe is the accepted explanation for how the universe began. Basically, there was an explosion that launched the four things: space, time, matter and … Read More

Beginning (Part 1): Did The Universe Have A Beginning?

THE UNIVERSE: A BEGINNING OR “PAST ETERNAL”? A book in the Bible called Genesis says that the universe had a beginning. Is there any evidence for such a thing? Very simply, the word “universe” refers to four things: space, time, matter and energy. EINSTEIN’S THEORY OF GENERAL RELATIVITY But then something changed. In 1915, Einstein presented his theory of general … Read More