Beginning (Part 2): A Universe “Out Of Nothing”?

WHAT IS “NOTHING”? Okay, we need to wrap our heads around a concept that can be difficult to understand. The word “universe” refers to four things: space, time, matter and energy. The Standard Model of the Universe is the accepted explanation for how the universe began. Basically, there was an explosion that launched the four things: space, time, matter and … Read More

Beginning (Part 1): Did The Universe Have A Beginning?

THE UNIVERSE: A BEGINNING OR “PAST ETERNAL”? A book in the Bible called Genesis says that the universe had a beginning. Is there any evidence for such a thing? Very simply, the word “universe” refers to four things: space, time, matter and energy. EINSTEIN’S THEORY OF GENERAL RELATIVITY But then something changed. In 1915, Einstein presented his theory of general … Read More

Fine-tuning (Part 2): An Amazing Planet Earth

THE FINE TUNING OF THE EARTH We live on an amazing planet earth. Every day we wake up and the sun is there. We bet you that tomorrow it’ll be there too! The earth stays in its orbit around the sun. Spring follows winter, summer follows spring, on and on. It never stops. Why doesn’t the earth wobble once in … Read More

Introduction (Part 1): Have I Seen All The Evidence?

WELCOME “You know, there isn’t much more that can be said about the subject of God’s existence. I’ve heard every argument on both sides of this issue. People who believe in God just don’t have any evidence to back up their belief. Atheists have them on the defensive because they’re on the side of science, while theists depend on scripture … Read More